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late edition, i'm jeff barnd. barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert. a beaten in broad daylight on a his family ants he public to traumm where the ictii hhs ock3 been in the hospittl since the assault.. keith. keith. jeff..... the victim is 32-yyar-old &pjohn mason. olice wwre able to contact his family because he had his cell hospptal toniggt, virtually lifeless....and hey want the caught.responsible for that.. c. mason's aunn. sheelives in mmntgomery county.. but he's in baltimore frequuntly now at mason's hospital bedside.. where he's crittcal cooditiin. .....mason s in a coma with multiple skull fracttres and some braii sselling. the beatiig happened fridaayat about 2 o'clock in the middle of the dayyat lommard and baltimore. witnesses told police at least four men attacked mason, nearlyybeating &phii unconscious........jjsi
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sayy mason had just left his pay a bill.. when the group attacked. p/////////////////sot/////////// / (jasi) "it has devaatated &pmy family.. uhm, no one can actuully believe what really has haapened..." detectiies say they are lookiig at surveillance camera video.... hoping tt findd something tt help them catch tte suspects. liveeat phock trauma, keith daniees, pox 45 news aae edition. two men... are... arrested... for a criie spree... involvinn robbery,... kidnapping,... sexual assault... and rape... in the county... and... the city...///. police... say... here were least.... 11 victims.../, he... youngest.... was 17...///. police... charged... the men ... haaen't released ...their identities...///. they'll... charges...// andd.. the suspects ... tomorrow. it's been one yeer sinceea frostburg state university next month. killeddon campus..- month. 3
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kortneigh mccoy... have formed a gospel group in her memory. november 7th 2011, mccoy's was breaking up a fight at an pn ccmpus party...when police say fellow student shanee liggins stabbed herr daughter's death...will serve as a tough lesson to youth about the importance of &pcontroling anger: "i think about her everyday, she consumes me, it's alwaay so much you wanted to say he only way i can talk to her is in my prayers" shanee ligginn trial is set to begin deeember 4th. a... baltimore county man is chargeddwith fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend. ex-girlfrrend. 3&john falkensttin... was arrested monday atthii home on myrrh avenue is essex,
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after the victim's daughter called 911 conccrned about her mother.when officers arrived, they found the body of janet palasik covered with a blankkt in the kitchen.police believe hh stabbed her to death during an rgument.he's being eld tonight at the countt &pdetention center. election day....s now hiitory...asmaryland voters..."make" hhstory. history.they... apppovedd legalize same sex to... - marriage....// john rydell... examines thepotential impact... of... that new law... law... "my daughter will grow uppin a state that recognizes fairress and dignity and respect for ffmily (cheers)baltiiore's just one of many hailing the passage...of legalizes samm that personally impacts...some "we told them that weewant to be able to to have recognized the people who we love. we
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tolddthemmwhat it means to us and our famiiies and our children (cheers)"the law... wiil not force houses of perform... same &psex's againss... tte beliefs...of thee nstitution. but that's noottte case...aa the first unitarianchurch of baltimore. gay and lesbian oples for decades."rrv. ddvid carl olson...says those ceremonies...have not been recognized by the state. ut &phe says...that...will soon change. "they won't haveeto go to ddc. but they're familyyand friends but they're family and friends cannbe with them here." the roup thht tried to defeat same sex marriage...says it respects...the results of voters. but rev. derek mccoy...of the maryland marriage alliance...says " we work with residents to promote a strong and healthyy marriages... that will have theebesttchance of being raised... by a dad and a mom. (rydell) "although the marriagg equality law officially takes effect januury 1st, same sex couples will not be allowed to apply for a marriage license until
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48 hour waiting period, samee3 sex marriagee will not likely occur in maryland until but ree. olson...saay...that's no big deal. (olson) "i suspect that the first weekends of januaryy il they can come in and have a short ceremony that's tteir legal ceremony as far as the state is conccrned, and this far as ceremony as hoot ceremony thatts come in and have a january wil they can come in and have a short ceremony thaa's their legal ceremonn as far as the state is conceened, and this church ill be thissfar as the state is theii state s concerned, aad this church wwll be celebratinn with them." immigration advocates are chhering the assage of question four..... proponentt cheerrd the passage of marylands dream act.... the governoo says it will streegthen both he students of maryland aad the state of states offer uition breaks forrun--ocummnted stuuents. &p but, based on their experiince, ooponents say the floodgatts will soon be open for other unddcumeeted ptudents to move into maryland.
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there was anooher ig parry last nightt..among supporters of question 7. 7.((fireworks)) there were fireworrs at the nationalharbor... in celebration of question 7 passing. it would exppnd ggmbling to live,,table games...and add aasixth casino supporters say ttat will .. state....and keepgamblers from going to west virginna. (brown) "we need those dollars anyway for gaming, we need - oor schools, our law d to fund nforcement, our firefighters." &pfirefighters."" state commission will still have to consider bids for the new casino in p.g.and it's not schedulee to open...until 20-16. the outcome of the state's one and only senate ace was polls closed. closed.incumbent senator ben cardin celebraaed a win last nnght at the oficial democratic watch arty at m& t bank stadium.exit polling showed ardii inning nearly 3 to 1 over both challengers...
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republicaa dan bongino... and independent rob sobhani.we caught up with carrin last night... and asked him priirittessmoving forward. "iq: prioritiissclearly to move ffrward and deal with the fiscal issues.. compromise for the good of our coontry." country." this win marks a second term in the senate for a member of the senate finance aad budget committees, he'll playykey a role in the crisis. it's no surprise maryland obama last night in his bid for faat, ourr all.....our state also re- elected democratic candidates in races for the senate....
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áandá approved some ery left-leening ballot questions... like the dream to pass gay marriage at the e -, pplitical analysts say marrland has become - state ii thh nation. democrats may use these victtrres to push the national party agenda forward.but there's also a potential danger in being so one- sided.... if it renders our vote irrelevant, compared to the key swing states. < "it's complicattd. it means on the one and that we're gonna get less attention at at thh same ime, we progressives aad left-leaning folks ccn use these polltics in the state to create aaother type of national pplitics."> politics.">the sooe exception to the democrat stronghold in maayland... is congressman republicaa the 3 that brings us tooour quessiin of tte you thiik state n the nationn liberal
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nation? head to our facebook page and pet us know what yyu think about our statt's political look for the question of the day. vottes in colorado and washington state have legalized the rrcreational use of marijuana.the initiatives of mmrijuana for people 211 nd older.the washington referendum called for a 25- the grower sells it to the processor, when the processor pells it to the retailer, and when theeretailer sells it to &ptte customer.the state oo oregon had a similar measure on its ballot and it faiild. &p ormer baltiiore aaor... will ....ave to appear in court next month... to face... charges of... violating her probation. part of hee plea agreemmnt ...on theft anddperjury &pchaages .../ she... must pay ...45--housand dollars... to a charity...//. however, ... court she's... thirteen thousand dollars in aarrars...///.
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dixon... spoke with... explain why... she . finding out about this ally jus- work to rectify it i mean ivv tried to o my bbst.. ive &ppompleeed my community service ive made alot of payments close to 20 thousand and im worring to collecting 86-thousand a year in a city peesion. she's due violation of probaaioo ccarges deeeeber 7th,.. 33 a bad ay for maryland drivers, somm big changes cominig to the city's speed camera nforcement system. the city's spenning boaad approved a nnw company called bbekford to speed anddred light caaeras. - controversy attcity haal thii morning, but the mayor says the city ultimately got the
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best deal. pt wasn't justtcost eapest but was a combinatton scoring which caused tte company to come out n top." top."according to documents incllded in the newwbid, the city's hoto eeforcement pystem has generated ne hundred forry million dollars in fines since hey've been in another bad weather day por the got oot arly ffr some students in connecticut toddy ahead oo the nor' can see it looked like a winter wonnerland at this school in windsor. the winter weather already-battered parts of the northeast. many people in neighborrng states re still without power and some aae piving in their damaged homes. 3 that storm is still parkkd over us ttnight. tonight. but will it mpact
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drive? let's go to chief meteorologgst vytas reid wwth a look at what'' happening now. -
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a child hit ith a 25 cop's comppltt lack of common sensee a wise punishment for a stupid crime. how one woman sidewalk s howing everyone her true colors. the election is over but the gridlock remains. why the clock is icking for america's economy.. 3
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republicans maintain cootrol of the u-s house afterr pesterday'sseleetion.democrats control the senatee..and of it's been that way forrtwo yeaa. years. but ... the politicians... inability... to... agree on ...things like... the ...federal budget .../ or... how to control the debt, ../ may... be... just the start... of griilock... with... &pstraaght ahead. ahead. the cliif we are talking about
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looms so large -- seasoned economists don't want to dwell economy in the first year.--- - [peterrmorici sound]in 36:38 "thh president and congress are going to be very busy from november 15th till around christmas to resolve these issues."trt=:07a blow to the economy that could reel america back into the grips of a deep recession.[take graphic called "fiscalcliif" eric's shaae folder]the lifffincludes reductions tt defeese, expiration of bush era tax cuts, the end of the payyoll &ptax holiday, extended reimbursemmnt cuts to doctors. perraas with [pllase layer in &pcuts to doctors.reimbuussment in $3,500 perhaps with an yer - arrow pointing up]thee there'ss the average faaily earning 100,000 dollars -- it will see a taxe increase of about 3,500 dollars.[vatzzsound ] sot in 12:43 "there is nooody thattbenefits from it."trt=:03 richhrddvatz is a professor of rhetoric, a keen listener of republican and democratic talking points. what vatz did not hear during the presiientiaa campaign about the cliff -- buoys his [vatz interview]]ot in 12:44:21 ""ou notice that it
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wasn't dissussed much during theecampaign. i mean nobooy discussed it because nobodyy gains by it."trt=:06vatz suspects congress an work out a temporary fix before the new year but that an extension does not resolve the issue and with republicans still in chargg of theehouse and democrrts clinging to a majoriiy in the ssnate -- how much has changed?[mmrrci]sot in "8:33:41 "we are likeey tt have gridlock in congress." trt=;04 afternoon,.../ house speaker john boehner... saad... republicans and democrrts... need... to find... common ground ... to... &pavoid the... fiscaa cllff../, 3p 3- wwee nnture cclls,
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around. how a lack offcommon sense laaded a kkd a 25 3 a mother in klahoma is
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speaking out oday... after her toddler son was ticketed by police. police. the boy's mother is beeng fined 25-hundred ddllars for public urination... affer her son... urinated..../// deeppte objectioos frrm the mother...
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the officer sssed her aa warden says: "" said really he is three years old and he said it doesn't matttr. it is public urination. i said we are on our propertyyann he paid its in public vieww " " theepolice officer... stopped beforeehe could finish... urinating..../ meantime... the police chief... dropped the chargess..// and... told his... p urine-phobic... subordinate.../ tt... do hissjob... nd leave the little boo alone...// an ohii woman... who is infamous for driving on a sidewalk... ii order to avoid a stopped bus... receives and unusual punishment.a judgee ordered shena hhrdin's drrver's license to be suspended for 30 days, pay 250-dollars in court costs... plus stand at the same intersection with a sign that reads " only an idiot would ddivv oo the sidewalk to avoid the school bus."she has to do hold it for an hour a day... for the two days.
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3 there's "only" one problem. the big mistake by one &p3sissippi road crew, next..-
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mississippi. only... was ....actually the problem for one road rew. crew. the mississippi department of transporration spelling lessons after one off their rood crewss.. made a very public mistake....//
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pt is supposed to read left turn nly,.../ it kind of does,... only the n... ii backwards..../// he dot says ...afterran invessigation, ... thhy... concllded... that tte contraccor... installed the template backwards... before spraying..../// that's someeinttaive investigating...// &pth fixing the error... as soon as 3 the road dries. p3
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buck showalter is in line for cunningham has details next n sports unlimited &p 3that's all... for the late
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edition, i'm jeff barnd. parnd. nd i'm jennifer cunningham with sports unlimite. 3 3 the marylaad terps...when they take to the court friday night against defending national champion kentucky, they'll haae a brand new player to debu. debut... dez wells, whootransfeered from xavier, regained his a waiver rom a rule thaa him would havvecaused himto sst outtthe entire season..wells was expelled from xavier last summer after an arrest..charges were laterr dropped..his position was, he wasn't transferrng, he was 6-5 sophmore, weels started 32 games as a fr4eshman last year, averaging just under 10 points and5 rebounds per game..earnnng atlantic 100
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buck showalter pulled off one of he alltime managerial feats this summer...and he did ittright before our eyes... last month, he won the sporttng news manager of the year award... award... tonight, we learned that he may get the big one..showalter has been named one of three wwiter's associationversion of the award, which is considered the main one...he's up against bob melvin of the a's and robin ventura of the white sox...thh award will be presented tuesday night..buck has won it tweice efore, with the yankees in 1994 and the listen to the ravens second half...the steelers twice in manning's.and ccncinnati at title.that won't be easy... rth nnr wassthe first hhlf.but baltimore walkkd ouu wwth the 2nd best record in he a-f-c. 6-and-2 avens. ravens. & that'll do it for thissedition
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of sports unlimited...thanks for jjining us.i'm bc... and
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unicef is a scam? it's the perfect cover for a money laundering operation.

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